Kei Truck Madness

Americans have always enjoyed the time-honored tradition of spending an awful lot of money on things they’re not allowed to have. With the advent of imported Kei Trucks and Kei Cars, that trend seems to have been bucked. Folks are still clamoring to gobble up automobiles they couldn’t own just 25 years ago, but they don’t need to demolish their savings or take out a second mortgage in the process thanks to the confluence of Japanese and US laws.

For less than the price of a used quality motorcycle, you can find yourself behind the right-hand wheel of 660CCs automotive fury, complete with heater, air conditioning, radio, and often with less than 25,000 miles on the clock. The trucks also come with not one, but two seats, four-wheel drive with high and low range, and in many cases, locking differentials for you off-roading (or extreme gardening) enthusiasts.